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Do you want to share your business journey with the world?

At FIO we know that not every business has a happy ending and not every business has a steady path. But we firmly believe that every journey has a learning to impart to this world. If you are at the top of your game or a serial entrepreneur with 200 businesses all running successfully, FIO would like to know your secret to success and help you help others succeed.


It’s simple.

Send us an email at or and we will get back to you with the details.

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Are you a good writer with a sense of entreprenuership and some sense of money?

Do you while away thinking about making effective use of the little amount of resources that anyone has?

Maybe FIO can give words and space to your thoughts. Send us a pitch or the summary of your idea at or and we will let you know if we are interested in your article.

At FIO we are looking for:

  1. Articles on entrepreneurship and business.
  2. How the world can become a better place with new ideas pertaining to financial freedom(new but practical).
  3. Articles on financial management of businesses.
  4. Articles on personal finance with a local perspective (Pakistan).
  5. Articles on personal finance which apply to people globally/generally.
  6. Business stories with a local perspective (Pakistan)
  7. Stories that help people grow their business worth.

What we are NOT looking for:

Articles full of grammatical errors:   If you believe you have a supreme idea and you need it published but can’t do so because of a limitation, kindly share your idea and we will consider it and if it is good enough, publish it.

Plagiarized content:   We hate copied content and expect contributors to hate it too.

Useless rants:   When writing content its easy to get into a mode where you tend to repeat the same concept over and over in different words. It’s waste of time and space. Such articles will not be considered.

Links and references that are weak:   If you are submitting links within your article or references to work that is scholarly, make sure that the work is relevant and original. Links to other websites are appreciated only if they are helpful.

Final Note

FIO retains the right to edit and revise your submission. However, at FIO we like to work with the contributor rather than just doing it all by ourselves. Therefore, if there are chunks of revisions we will send the article back to you for review.

At FIO we craft our own headlines making sure we get the right mix of curiosity and interest. If your title has been rewritten, it’s because the new title was way better at capturing attention than what you sent us.

We do not publish articles that were published elsewhere. This is to maintain originality and authenticity. However, you are free to re-publish the articles you have published with us.

Thank you for considering to contribute to FIO.