The cost of ‘finding’ someone like ‘me’…

It’s high. Very high I can tell you that from the onset of this article.

This article isn’t about hiring me. It has nothing to do with hiring finance professionals. And it definitely is not promoting the ‘getting’ of look-alikes in any way. However, this article sets out to smooth out wrinkles in an enigma.

Many of us want to hire people who are spirited and will work on projects with dedication from day one they are hired, but that never ever happens. It has nothing to do with them and everything to do with your experience as a trainee, employee or even as a entrepreneur. We love what we have done with our lives and companies we have built. We care too much and we have very high expectations of people who will come in. Unfortunately, no one cares that much. Trust me, they don’t even care about your high-flying history if you have one. On the contrary, it is intimidating. So what happens?

Two things: Either they don’t come up to the mark set by you, or the intimidation is too much and they simply back off!

Can something be done about it? Lower your expectations about people and stop trying to find people like yourself. Once you find someone, train them so they don’t leave (the good old adage). You have come this far with all your skills; now they need to be transferred.

Scared they will leave once they learn everything from your organization? Let them. They are the best word of mouth for your organization. A trained employee is an asset to any organization an will create a positive impact. An untrained employee will be the worst market influence.

In the end, it is your wisdom that makes the final call. What will it be? Expansion of the organization? Or a limited skill set….

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