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A Letter to the Stealer


The Stealer,

Hi there,

Hope you are doing well.

I heard that you got stuck with our idea that we had built together.

You decided to take it elsewhere. You really thought you could pull it off on your own didn’t you? Remember WE built it. WE spent time on it. WE spent hours cutting the jagged nooks. But YOU found a different team for it. YOU found it wise to take on a new friend without telling me when we hit the rocks.

I am writing this letter not to mock your misery, but to remind you of our old times together. Remember the time when we sat in that coffee shop for 6 hours straight with a copy and crammed in with our design until there was no space in the notebook and then we picked up the tissues and blackened them. Remember the good old time when we binged on Silicon Valley just because we hoped to find a solution to our problem by watching a serial. How dumb were we. Good old times!

I sometimes wish the good old times would return and we could sit in our old crooked office like old friends and troubleshoot each aspect of the business like old times. I sometimes wonder how it would look if we both ran the business at this very moment. Oh! I know you hate the thought and I hate the imagery absolutely but the baby we built together would have survived a million times better.

You see it’s not about our egos or even about who is the best, it’s always about the collective best. It’s always about what came out of the collective effort of the initial. Had I left with my own will I would have cheered you on your journey ahead, even provided you with any kind of links and support you required. But alas! We went separate ways tearing apart what we had built.

Hopefully you will find our old vision invigorating and the old direction of some worth. Try walking some steps back. Hoping to see you around in the same arenas we now meet as competitors.


The Robbed

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