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Did you like the two previous editions of Cryptonews?

I can bet you I loved writing them. It gave me a chance to read news all over the internet and then choose only the ones that were quirky and super interesting! Although that takes a bit of time I can assure you most of the news bits that follow will interest you and some will even take you by surprise!

1. Like this one. Did you know governments could actually misuse blockchain? It comes as no surprise that governments track digital footprint. With blockchain offering the anonymity, governments can create complete systems with inter linkages, track financial data besides creating an entire false identities. Scary isn’t is? Read more to find out..

2. The cryptocurrency market is seeing a major shift in investment. And as that is happening bitcoin is seeing a fall in price and is expected to hit a bottom of $5,700. This is a good time for investment in Bitcoin. EOS has also seen a drop in the market valuation. Read more to see what is going on.


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3. If you are in Singapore and looking for venture capital firms then you are in luck. Golden Gate ventures has reported they will be launching a fund of $10 million for investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Read more to find out who they are partnering with.

4. What do you do when you find out that a cryptocurrency mining company is going for an IPO? You get a piece of it. With a pre-IPO financing round of $1 billion and a valuation of $15 billion the company is set to possibly raise $18 billion at the IPO. Want to be part of Bitmain the mining giant? Get it here.

5. Read what Marcus is upto! Having held key positions at Paypal, Facebook and Coinbase, he is now set to return to Facebook to lead the giant’s blockchain strategy. After Coinbase got an unfair advantage of having to run their ads on Facebook despite a blanket ban on crypto ads, we still have to see what Marcus will bring to Facebook as a prominent leader.

6. Do you think cryptocurrency has a bad reputation? If you do then you need to read this. Crime is more where regulations are few and that is exactly what happened with cryptocurrency. When it was launched, it was a haven for people who wanted to play dirty. So essentially, the currency is fine, the people using it can be bad!

7. Need professional advice about cryptocurrency? Nope I am not going to give it. At BrightTALK you can find a myriad of talks and live sessions that will give you the answers you are looking for.

8. What is happening in the top ranks of IOTA? No one can tell. But a leak says that the founders and the Board are in disagreement. Over the pass few months the Board has been avoiding meeting with the Founders which sparked an emotional outburst. Get the inside news here.


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9. Do you know why Bitcoin hit the $7,700 marker in April? If you are a Muslim, probably you were the reason for it! Read more to find out why.

10. Looking for a new trading platform. Try Coinigy which has full trading support from Binance. Take your crypto trading to the next level.

Have any news to add to the list. Send us your bits at financeitout@gmail.comand we will get back to you, ASAP.

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