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10 more interesting crypto news links off the internet. This week has been rather interesting.

1. Last week there was news of NASDAQ going into secretive talks with financial institutions. Well someone seems to have taken the lead. New York Stock Exchange’s parent company Intercontinental Exchange has announced it is building Bakkt. A system to streamline and systematize bitcoins. Read what they are going to offer:


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2. If you are a beginner at trading you may want to figure out how the transaction fees work before diving into the exchange and purchasing your coins. Even if you are a seasoned trader you may want to check up on your exchange’s rates every now and then to keep updated. Read here how transaction fees work:

3. Starbucks is also on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and not very far from Bakkt. Read more here:

4. Want to study Blockchain in Turkey? Now you can with Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Centre. Learn how:

5. John McAfee and BitFi in a row with a hacker who believes he has hacked into the hardware wallet BitFi. But McAfee believes having root access doesn’t mean the device id hacked! Read to know why:

6. What is Loki? 


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7. Want to open your own cryptocurrency exchange? It may not be very easy but if you live in a country that allows cryptocurrency this might be a good business idea. Read here to figure out the basics:

8. Crypto-games have become the rage and you can become a bitcoin millionaire or simulate mining on games. Read here to find out more:

9. Keep these top 10 Bitcoin cities in mind the next time you make your travel plans:

10. Why is a Chinese Media Mogul interested in building a crypto empire in Hartford? Read more to find out:


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