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If you are starting out as a crypto enthusiast or are someone who reads consistently this section will be of interest to you. I have decided to scoop up 10 interesting news links from around the crypto-world and put them here for you to read. They will be from trusted sites and offer news that will be worth your time. So lets begin:

1. Two brothers who created the Bitcoin Ransom-ware have conveniently avoided jail time after swindling 1000 people out of their bitcoins. The incident took place in 2014 and the case has been going on since, now finally coming to rest. Read complete story:

2. Want to know what happened to the Winklevoss twins after they lost Facebook to Mark Zukerberg? They made it bigger and better. Read their story:

3. Altcoin Buzz tell us why and when Iran is going to launch its own national cryptocurrency. A national currency by a Muslim nuclear state is news in itself. Listen to him at:

4. Nasdaq is taking steps at legitimizing the ‘global’ crypto industry. The most influential stock exchange in coalition with finance and crypto-industry experts is taking steps at not only creating rules but also controlling the decentralized crypto-industry. Read between the lines:

5. Looking for a reliable wallet for your cyptocurrencies? Unhashed has a done an extensive review of kinds of wallets and their properties. Find them at:

6. Ethereum is set to hard fork sometime in or before October. Constantinople as it is called, the new product will be efficient and cheap. Read more about it:

7. Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and now Proof of Burn? Do we need to burn coins to form a consensus? Hackernoon explains it best:

8. Women are interested in crypto-currencies but with a careful approach. Not only do they want to invest their money and see it grow, they are not bothered by FOMO. Read more at:

9. Want to attend a Crypto-powered event? Find one at:

10. The complete list of Bitcoin Conferences for 2018:

Have any Bitcoin, Ethereum or cryto-news to add to this list? Just send your news link at Meanwhile enjoy the latest news at Crypto-Stories.


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