I don’t need a mentor…

You might be right. You are on your airplane to success all by yourself and totally unstoppable. You have bought that island and that helicopter all by yourself. Your business is a booming success and orders are just piling in. Suddenly the alarm clock on your bedside rings and you crawl to throw it across the room to quieten it. Some dream!

In life people need advice. Be it parents, friends or colleagues. As a business person you need specialized advice which comes from mentors. Mentors who have been there and done that and can give you advice and challenge you to new heights.


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Here is what mentors can offer you:

1. Good mentors never let you settle for something: They keep on setting new goals for you and help you find efficient ways of doing things. This creates drive and eventually you want to look good in front of your mentor so comes in accountability. A mentor also doesn’t make you feel less of yourself or make you realize where in your entrepreneurial journey you currently stand. As a mentor they appreciate your thought process and help you achieve it in steps.

2. Good mentors protect you from taking the wrong steps: They help you make sound business decisions saving you a lot of embarrassment. Their counsel usually comes from a long exposure so they know where they are coming from. Their aim is to nurture the business and guidance.


3. Good mentors motivate: Ideas, thoughts and challenge is nothing new to mentors. They provide you with a chance to see many options. They fine tune your vision and sometimes transform your idea to make it better than what you started with. As you start to see options and ideas you should not take mentors for granted for it is an advantage granted to you.


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While mentors bring a lot to the table, what can you the mentee bring to the relationship? It is easy to assume that you are being taught and on the receiving end so there isn’t much you can give. Think about it in terms of opportunities they might be interested in. It might be something of teaching opportunity, networking opportunity or an equity-based opportunity. It is always a good idea to talk and make the lines clear.

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