Self-improvement in 5 easy ways…

Ever heard of the word ‘self-improvement’? It literally means to improve yourself. But for many it is yet another jargon to sell some new book that costs a crap load of money. Well this post is not about a book or a lecture about how routines can be helpful in creating a self-improved life. We will be talking about spending money on 5 things that can radically improve your life. These 5 decisions do not cost a huge sum but do offer good benefits.


1. A gym membership:

A gym membership costs anywhere around Rs. 5k- 20K depending on the services you want to avail. Spending on a membership will not only bring health to your being it will boost productivity and help you meet new people. That means new networks and new friendships. Besides being part of a class you can also opt for a personal trainer who can train you one-on-one. This gives you special attention and your coach the time to figure out how to help you get fitter quicker. Of course, coaches are expensive as compared to group classes.


Looking to invest in a gym routine?


2. Saving for socializing:

Thinking of switching your job? How about calling a few people and meeting for tea? But wait who is going to pay for that? It is always a good idea to save a few bucks for important meetings and socializing. Set aside a budget from your income just for this. It will come in handy when you need it the most. This budget need not be huge. Say for an income of Rs. 50,000 it can be anywhere from 1%-10%. How is that self-improvement? Well once you are tired or fired from a job, this budget can be your savior.


3. Good sleeping material:

If you are anything like me you love to sleep in a cozy environment. So invest in your sleeping gear. That means a good bed, mattress, pillow and yes a teddy bear if you are used to one. Studies show that a good night’s sleep can boost creativity. A mattress that is too soft for the spine or a pillow that is too high for the neck can keep the brain on alert all night. The best shopping for sleeping gear can be done during sale season when everything is slashed to almost 50%.


4. Ongoing education:

This is a given. No matter what your educational background is, spending on improving it has its advantages. Whether you are working or self-employed enrolling in a course will not only increase your knowledge in that field, it will also prepare you for the advances that keep happening. Even if you don’t work, enrolling in a short course will brush up your knowledge. Even if you can’t enroll in a course, find books that are related to your subject and start reading them. You can also find new developments and articles online.


5. A minimalistic wardrobe:

Apart from spending on formal events, how much do you spend for clothes on day-to-day basis? If that exceeds your monthly budget then you are in dire need for a change. One improvement that you can make is to get a minimalistic wardrobe (the article gives you an idea of what a minimalist wardrobe looks like, if you would like me to do a post on how to create a desi minimalist wardrobe then let me know 🙂 ) which consists of a few basic pieces and a few fancy pieces and mix & match them. No only will this upgrade your look, it will also give you more options to work with. How much will that cost?

hangers, wardrobe

Not a lot. Look at your current wardrobe and see how many pieces you can keep. Donate or sell the ones you can’t keep and buy a few to go with at least 3 pieces in your current collection. Don’t exceed a certain limit of pieces in the minimalist wardrobe. Say 25, 30, 10 or whatever you want to set. There you go your wardrobe is set. How long can you use this set wardrobe is for you to decide. You can use it for 3 months or 6 months or 1 year and then change some pieces to give it a brand new look. The price point of this wardrobe is equal to the price point of the pieces you change, which can easily be offset if you can take care of your pieces and sell them off at least half price.

Use these cost-effective self-improvement ways and save money on the way.

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