Water – The Driving Force of Nature

There is a natural affinity to it when it becomes a topic and even babies love playing with it. I have seen the crazy case scenarios on trips to scenic places when people as old as 60 go berserk on seeing it and nature can seem to bring out the most native human out of the most distant brute.

Water seems to be a driving force for almost all people. Whether it is in the shower which gives you new ideas or under a beautiful waterfall, water brings smiles, life and joy. Recently, I had the chance to meet Mr. Syed Wajid Ali, the Founding Partner of the new and happening Vanadium Water Company and find out what Vanadium is all about.


Here is what transpired:


  1. Tell us a something about yourself Mr. Wajid?

I retired from Pakistan Navy as Lieutenant Commander after serving for23 years in Ops branch. Originally from Multan I am now settled in Karachi.


  1. Do you think coming from an Armed Forces background has helped you in your current enterprise?

It is an entirely different world. I don’t see my service experience as an Armed Forces officer helping me here. However, I am managing administrative issues very well due to my service experience. That is one thing that stands out.


Mr. Wajid introducing Vanadium Water


  1. Why water? Why did you want to venture into a water enterprise?

About a year ago we came across a Japanese national who brought Mt. Fuji Vanadium Mineral Water for his friend suffering from diabetes in Pakistan.  We took a sample and checked its efficacy on a diabetic patient. It proved to be remarkable. We then made efforts and negotiated with the Japanese company for its sole distribution in Pakistan. We want to be the first people to introduce Natural Mineral Water in Pakistan which highly beneficial for innumerable health issues.


  1. What do you think about the current business scenario of Pakistan?

Political instability has resulted into a cautious approach by the business community. We have also suffered some setback due to US Dollar fluctuations.


  1. Have you invested in any business before?

No, I haven’t invested in any kind of business before. But I am very optimistic about the scope of this business.


  1. Does the military lifestyle get in the way of being an entrepreneur? We know that strict discipline is a way of life for people from the armed forces, is that a boon or bane when it comes to managing people?

Yes, to some extent it is difficult being an entrepreneur, because it is difficult to manage people in the civilian world.  There are other issues as well because of our social evils but it is a challenge I have grown to like.


And then water became the focus of the conversation,


  1. How would you describe Vanadium Water?

Vanadium Mineral Water is yet another Miracle of Almighty Allah. This water is being extracted from 120-150 meter below the ground level at Mouont Fuji in Japan. Water contains Vanadium naturally which is filtered through many lava beds. Vanadium Mineral Water has shown highly promising results for the diabetic, hypertensive and patients suffering from various ailments. It’s highly effective for the prevention of osteoporosis, arterial sclerosis, infertility, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol levels. It also detoxifies our body and beautifies-smoothens-whitens skin.


vanadium water, water
500 ml bottle of Vanadium water



  1. Vanadium is a fairly new enterprise. Even more so it’s a new concept. I saw that you have fairly experienced men/women working with you. Would you like to introduce them to our readers?

In our team we have young blood with ambition to achieve heights and we are confident about the efficacy of our brand. Therefore, we are enthusiastic and energetic to spread awareness amongst the masses about benefits of the Vanadium.  Moreover, new generation is highly concerned about their health, and only youngsters can provide us about the latest trends and guide us to approach the masses accordingly.


  1. What is the inspiration behind bringing Vanadium Water to Pakistan?

Inspiration is the trust Japan enjoys about their quality and honesty.


  1. I have heard that Vanadium Water has been tested by different testing units and there is proven research behind it. Would you share that with our readers?

Water has been tested in Pakistan by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority as Natural Mineral Water.  Japanese and Pakistani certificate are available on our website www.vwcpak.com.  However, research reports can be found on these links:

  1. www.vwcpak.com/research
  2. Biochemical &Medical Importance of Vanadium Compounds
  3. Trace Elements in Glucometabolic disorders: an update
  4. Effects of Vanadium on Male-pattern baldness
  5. Pharmacological Evaluation of Vanadium containing complexes as Anti-Diabetic Agents
  6. A population-based study in China: Altered Glucose Levels and Diabetes Risk


  1. Vanadium sounds like some miracle water that helps with health issues? Are there any limitations to its usage?

Yeah its miracle water because Vanadium is naturally found at the foot of Mount Fuji.  There is no limitation on use of Vanadium Mineral Water because it contains only 0.53 microgram of Vanadium.  Allowable intake of Vanadium per day by US and Canadian experts is 1.8 milligram.


  1. Do you have the Medical Associations in Pakistan on your side? Are you facing any backlash from the medical community?

It’s not medicated water or medical product.  Its natural mineral water and has been registered and tested as Natural Mineral Water.  Therefore, we do not foresee and backlash from Medical Community.  It does not fall under the ambient of preventive medicine; therefore, we don’t foresee any problem.  We are just spreading awareness about benefits of Vanadium for human health and customers are welcome to share their experiences about the product.


  1. Vanadium is a quickly growing enterprise. Would you say you are open to investments and partnerships?

Definitely! We would encourage investments and partnerships to reach out to our community all across Pakistan.


  1. When can the readers see and buy Vanadium Water in Pakistan? And how can they approach you if they have any queries?

Vanadium Water is already available at large number of Super stores and renowned pharmacies in Karachi. It is also available in Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Multan, Sialkot and Rawalpindi. We are making all out efforts to reach other major cities of Pakistan by appointing distributors.  Readers can approach us via our Facebook page, our website www.vwcpak.com or by sending an SMS with word PANI to 8282 and via our phone number +92-344-2200669.


The word ‘mineral water’ will actually mean something after this enterprise takes off with a bang. Water is life and with some vanadium in it, it could become the one source which could become a lifestyle choice.

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