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A few days back we did a story on Samia Khan, the inspirational lady who loves to learn new things that make life easy. While interviewing her she told us she had developed a solution for Start-ups, SMEs and Giants that helps them to not only enter the entrepreneurial market but also sustain as individual units and grow to join the Stock Exchange and attain prosperity.

Curiously this service was a product of years of training and denial of service. In Pakistan it is easy to complain and become that individual who becomes depressed with a negative mindset. In the entrepreneurial arena it is even easier to get dejected when one doesn’t have the right direction. With ProVault, this can be avoided almost entirely.

Let’s talk to her again and see what she has in store for us and what does ‘ProVault- Complete Business Solution to Startups, SME’s and Giants’ offer:


  1. Welcome Samia to another installment of FIO.

We read about ProVault – Complete Business Solution to Startups, SMEs and Giants. How would you describe it?

ProVault is premium business training, mentoring and consultancy program meant to foster Pakistan’s Economic Growth and to qualify as many businesses as possible for foreign exchange via partners.



  1. We have heard that you have had extensive training. Would you say ProVault is a result of that?

Yes, Definitely!



  1. How would you describe the start-up ecosystem of Pakistan?

It’s a mass of directionless people who don’t have an idea what their product really is, who their potential investor is and what investor look for before investing in a startup. A few of the startups are jumping from one accelerator to another in hopes of getting funded but what they don’t realize is that they need knowledge and ground-work to prepare their product prospectus and they need to work keeping the international standards in sight. Unfortunately, this need is not being catered by any accelerator in Pakistan. This is why ProVault was created.


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  1. How does your service solve issues of start-up ecosystem of Pakistan?

ProVault is a complete system. It’s revolutionary and it is created keeping in view the problems of our local startups and entrepreneurs.


Here is how it works; if you are an entrepreneur and want to get started, you don’t have to worry about your team. We got it covered under “iLabs”. Team work creates the best work!


Looking for a mentor to guide you?

We have mentors under “Mentors” category across the globe. It gives you liberty to start your business without leaving your job. You don’t want to burn your fuel to reach a physical incubator, get connected with ProVault now, right from your house!


Stuck with a problem?

Our growth strategists are there to help you at our “Growth Lab”.


Want Product Photography or Videography to build your portfolio?

Get access to “Digital Labs”.


Want study material to get your business started?

Access our “Online Library”.


No time to bring life to your ideas, Opt “Auto-Pilot” mode for your product, we will run it for you.

Only a sound-body can make your dreams come true, this is why we have partnered with “Mashfitt” to train you for Mix-Martial Arts.



  1. How long have you been actively pursuing the idea of ProVault?

Since last six months because I am the kind of person who thinks and makes things happen!



  1. That is great. We want more people like you. What can ProVault do to help the future generations?

Like I said, we will make Pakistan economically strong. We want to make it no less than a technology hub. We will create more jobs for youngsters graduating from our “ProVault Night Academy” that would serve in “iLabs”. As we grow more, we will expand our team across Pakistan and then overseas for sure.



  1. What is the one advice that you got from your trainers that you would like to pass down to the readers of this article also?

Mediocrity is worse than physical illness and being humiliated is a price of being world-class. When I shared the ProVault idea at Startup Cup, Sean Griffin roasted me saying, it won’t work. Most of the Pakistani mentors didn’t understand the concept and those who did, appreciated it.

My worst nightmare came true when my idea got copied as soon as I had put it out and started talking to different people. I decided to tell Sir Haris (DMA, Karachi) everything and his response was, “They don’t know what you know!”


Then I thought, if my idea is not that great, why would anybody care to copy it? 🙂


The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping old ones – John Maynard Keynes


  1. When can the readers see activity by ProVault? And how can they approach you if they have any queries or ideas?

ProVault has been activated in Karachi, Pakistan. Any person can approach DMA, Karachi via website or physical visit. Any person who wishes to contact me directly can write to me at or contact me through any social media.


I for one always enjoy talking to Samia. She has amazing insight into the start-up ecosystem, how the capital markets work and how education and training can bring changes among the youth that seems bent on pushing their way through ignorance with ignorance. The lady has an iron-will to change the way Pakistan sees education and training.

In the words of Aristotle – We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Let’s do it right this time.

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