5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Evenings Productive Too!

This post may not be directly related to money matters- but it definitely talks about the investments you make in the evening in terms of time and money.

There are many of us who work late till the morning hours. We like burning the midnight oil. But then there are others among us who like to stop working when the clock strikes 6. Productivity has a different meaning for each of us. But can one switch off being productive in the off-hours? If you are one of those people who can find time to switch off then that is awesome. Disconnection is the best way to recharge for the coming day. But if you are the kind of person who can’t seem to stop moving or needs something less challenging to keep them interested throughout the evening, then this post might interest you.

For some of us, including me, the evening is a time which requires meticulous planning after a tiring work day. Working and writing and using the brain muscles is taxing on the body so try one of these:


  1. Invest in an evening gym routine:

For those of you who work from a desk or those who start work very early this is the perfect excuse to invest in an evening gym routine of 30 -60 mins, depending on your body type and energy levels. Not only does it let off steam, it jogs the day’s memory and brings together ideas that seemed so far-fetched or just non-existent during the day time. With gyms offering yearly memberships and monthly plans this is a flexible option in terms of avalibale choices, locations and trainers.


A cardio workout of 30 mins gets you tired enough for a fitful sleep.


  1. Read a new book or the old one on the night stand:

Yes that book that has had that bookmark on page 122 for the past 122 days. You invested time and money into the 122 pages, how about reading the complete book and getting the complete message that the book was meant to deliver. Or make a weekly book reading list with all your favorites listed on it and checking them out once you are done with them. Your stack of books will be done in no time and in a few months you will be able to show-off your new found knowledge.


shelf of books, shelf, books
A book a day, keeps ignorance at bay.


  1. Renovate your house/workplace:

By this I don’t mean take a broom and start cleaning. But if that makes for a good exercise by all means do it. Plan any major changes you want to make to your house/workplace in the evening when you get time to focus on things other than work. Work out those plans on weekends. Does that paint look a bit depressing; maybe that is not the problem. Maybe it is the absence of greenery in the office. Order those plants and do the arrangements on the weekend so your workplace has a new vibe to it.

Make changes that you think will last longer. Eg: getting new blinds may not be a very long lasting change as is getting a green patch.


workplace, clean
Add a little green or change the setting to give a new look to your workplace.


  1. Cook for a friend or family:

I get it. You don’t have that much time and maybe you aren’t an excellent cook, but as an entrepreneur you do know how to look up something and follow instructions precisely. That is exactly what happens when people cook. If in doubt cook in small quantities and invite friends and families and have a blast. Not only will you build ties with kin and folks, you will have an audience to brag to about your achievements and play dress-up. It’s an investment that will last a life-time.


home food, healthy food
Chicken, pomegranate and spinach salad for those relaxed evenings with folks.


  1. DIY projects:

Did you make art projects at school? Maybe painting was your thing? Maybe pottery? Take out time in your spare evenings and express your hidden talents. Learn a new language or teach one, create handcrafted items, bring your inner expression to the forefront.

If you are good you can create a side hustle with your DIY projects creating a steady income flow which you can regulate. And who knows you might even create something big and innovative out of your side hustle.


handicraft, earing stand
Use simple things to create handicrafts to express your inner artist.


For entrepreneurs having a hectic morning schedule, evenings usually are simple fun, networking sessions or just plain relaxing time beside the pool. It can be a movie night or a sleep in. For others the day end hold new surprises which can become whole new adventures. It all depends on how you want the day to end. Make sure the investment you make is a wise one that pays off.

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  1. Very well said.. I like all your advises on how to use our time so productive in the evening,, if you really want to achieve something in life and become successful you really have to use your time wisely,, good habit in the morning and before going to sleep in the night and avoid procrastination.. thank you for this post.

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