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Is my idea worth the risk?

fearThat is thought that crosses every person’s mind. Well every educated, learned and well-positioned person’s mind. This thought bothers the entrepreneur, the risk taker, the adventurer, the innovator, the beginner. That and the next is:

Is my idea worth the risk I am taking to bring it to fruition?

Maybe it is not. Maybe your idea lacks the potential to be great. Maybe your idea cannot be Facebook, Twitter or even Apple. But it is an idea.





Anything with those four qualities deserves to grow and come to fruition.

Most people back out of their ideas because they heard a great guy on TED tell them that they need to be double sure of their ideas before they either pitch them or go ahead with them. I think we lose out on some fabulous ideas with people pondering over them for such a long time, thinking over the pros and cons, that the idea becomes a rugged casket of dos and don’ts and eventually heaped with lost motivation.

Entrepreneurs don’t have time for pondering over an idea, they need to make it happen with the resources they have at hand. Thinking will take you as far as your mind is capable of dreaming up assumptions.

So the next time you have an amazing idea, that you think is amazing, put it to test. Test it with a few friends, colleagues or family or a trusted group and see what the results are. If positive, expand. Waiting to weigh the ‘worth’ is like waiting to see what the dream will play out like.

Is your idea worth your effort; in today’s world, yes every bit of it!

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