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Earning is not equal to spending!

When we say income, we are usually talking about personal income.  Personal income is generated from various sources, like business, jobs, investments and gigs etc.  There can be one, two or even six sources.  The way to store these incomes is a matter of personal choice.

The topic of this discussion is not how to how but how to not spend all of it. We usually spend on household, luxury, basic, and essentials. We also spend on travel, unplanned events, and constructive jobs.  While these expenditures are important, many of these can be planned in a manner that they do not take our complete income away from us. Planning can take away the stress that comes from being financially broke.

The streams of income are highly important.  If you have a single stream of income then your expenditure needs to be as low as possible.  If you have multiple stream of income, then you can divide your expenditure among those streams.  For example, if I earn 15,000 rupees and my expenditure is 10,000 rupees then my saving is 5000 rupees.  But if I earn 15,000 rupees from two (2) streams, and my expenditure is 10,000 rupees, I can divide 10,000 rupees, among the two streams in a way that I save 20,000 rupees or even more. The threshold saving that I should be making is 20,000 rupees, considering the example is very simple.


separate streams of income with separate savings and investing goals help you spend on what you want and save also!


The more streams that you have the more capable you are of saving and investing money.  For the women of today, or for that matter even the man, it is imperative that they develop more streams of income to save more.  Additionally they should be spending less on unnecessary items. Unfortunately, due to high inflation and consumerism it is difficult for people to save more and more. Investment becomes crucial if you have a typical spending tendency.  If you have money lying around, invest it.  Even if you are not investing your money, develop habits that will take you a long way in saving more and more money.  What are those habits?  We will discuss in the coming posts!

For now earn more and spend less!

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