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I Have Money But I Don’t Know What To Do With It!

Many people start business with their own money. But in some cases money does not come from people who run business. The following sources of money that they are willing to provide for start-ups:

  1. Inheritance: My father and his father and his father left their entire wealth and now I don’t know what I can do with that.
  1. Black money: Lo and behold I have money. What should I do before the tax people come.
  1. Savings: I have spent my entire life gathering this money
  1. Agriculture: I have land and either I don’t know what to do with it or I have invested in it have some cash but now I want to expand.

And so on and so forth…

But many people do not know what to with the extra amount of cash. The money either sits idly or is latent in the form of land or bonds and monetary investments.


Did you ever find out the source of Uncle Scrooge’s wealth?


What to do?

People turn to social media to find avenues and projects to invest in. Many others look into their networks. Others tap into their social circles. All these are potentially good and very fruitful options. But they do not take you very far since the time spent in filtering your options is more than the time you might spend in actually working with the options you find.

Remember the last time you bought a new gadget. Was it because you heard about it from a friend in the most boring tone or was it because someone told you how good it was, what benefits it will provide you and how cost-effective it will be to you. The whole package!

Most people are not concerned with the kind or type of money you have or even with the fact that you are dying to help people. They want to know what you can offer them in specific monetary terms and what they will be paying for your services.


shut up and take my money
Get involved in the business you invest in so it becomes easier to understand a loss


To cut the story short, if you are an investor:

  1. Put up a detailed investor profile
    Put up your own achievements in a desirable format so people can see clearly what you have been doing. The more experience you have of creating companies, the more reliable and credible you become.
  1. Put up links to your company websites
    Make sure none of these links are broken. Many investors think broken links or limited information is excellent information. The more information you provide to your potential startup online, the clearer picture they have and fewer questions get asked.
  1. Make webpages that list your investment options and schemes clearly
    Posting a Facebook ad or post is the lamest way of attracting good companies. If you are looking to invest in good initiatives first invest in a good website and name your company. Most start-ups should be wary of investors looking to invest wildly without any back-up plans. Such investors usually have very strict terms and do not cover any sort of losses.
  1. Be polite with everyone
    Even with the most rude or stupid person. Like I stated in the more experience you have the more credible you are. Similarly you will have more experience dealing with all types of people if you have either invested or created companies. Most such comments or questions are part of a Q/A session to judge your temperament rather than to hurt you intentionally. Such questions can be two-way also.

So having money and posting about it doesn’t really draw attention and traction. It requires careful planning and execution to produce results. Happy investing!

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